A two days awareness programme was organized by Dr. Gopal Krishna, Director & Vice Chancellor, ICAR-Central Institute of Fisheries Education, Mumbai at the Fisheries Department Headquarter, Aizawl on the topic Awareness-cum-hands on Training on “Farm management of fish feed and feeding : Rightful use of chemicals and drugs” during 19th & 20th January, 2018. The programme was inaugurated by the Secretary, Fisheries & Sericulture, Govt. of Mizoram, Shri Thlamuana. During the programme more than 60 farmers, Fisheries Technicals, entrepreneurs, & Fisheries Development Officers has attended. The topics covered under this hands-on training are: 1. Feed and Feeding Strategies for sustainable feed-based aquaculture, 2. Role of Fish Nutrition in Hill Aquaculture, 3. Rightful use of chemicals and drugs in Aquaculture, 4. Ingredients selection for feed preparation, 5. Role of Micro-nutrients in fish nutrition, 6. Importance of drugs in aquafeed, 7. Importance of On-farm feed preparation, 8. Calculation of Drug doses for therapeutic, 9. Practical Demonstration on farm made Aquafeed preparation through eco-friendly methods.

The Director of Fisheries, Mizoram, Aizawl, Shri Lalhmangaiha elaborated the details of the programme and congratulated to farmers to get training of importance for development of aquaculture in Mizoram State, especially feed based aquaculture to enhance the production to meet out the shortfall of per capita fish consumption. The Secretary to the Govt. of Mizoram, Shri Thlamuana emphasized that development of cage culture of Fisheries can grow only with the major input through application of fish feed. He also impressed and given stress on use of local feed ingredients to prepare on-farm feed. This will help to reduce the cost of feed and fresh feed can be given to grow out fish.

To impart the training, a team of five scientist, namely Dr P. P. Srivastava, Principal Scientist & Nodal Officer, NEH, Dr. Subodh Gupta, & Dr P. Sardar, Principal Scientists and Coordinators, Dr Sikendra Kumar, Scientist & Ms. Shamna N., Scientist given the deliberation on theory and practicals.

The vote of thanks was presented by Shri F. Vanlallawma, Assistant Director of Fisheries.